Medison strictly follows the highest ethical conduct and the most stringent compliance standards across all activities, departments and countries


Medison Pharma Compliance

Medison's global compliance program ensures fair and ethical conduct in every situation

Medison’s global compliance program is rooted from the tone at the top. It is headed by the corporate team and followed on all levels, from employees to subsidiaries.

Medison’s centralized compliance program is governed by a strict compliance policy, fully addressing requirements that are set out by its multiple multinational pharma and biotech partners, as well as by applicable regulatory requirements.

Medison Pharma Code of Conduct

Medison Code of

Your voice is important to us

Anonymous reporting of compliance concerns

If you observe behavior that you believe violates Medison’s Code of Conduct or if you have compliance concerns, we expect you to report it.

We take all reports seriously, prohibiting intimidation or retaliation against any staff member who reports compliance concerns in good faith. We handle reports on a case-by-case basis, investigating them in confidence and making them available only to authorized individuals. 


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