Cluster Office Manager, North Cluster

Lithuania · Full-time · Associate

About The Position

The Cluster Office Manager (COM) - North Cluster (including Baltics and Ukraine) is a key member of the North Cluster and represents the primarily internal point of coordination between the cluster affiliates and the functions on one side and between affiliates and the external vendors on the other side.

The COM will closely work with the Cluster Head and the Country Managers to develop the internal administrative processes and ensure their smooth implementation.

The COM reports to the General Manager, Head of North Cluster.

The position is located in KAUNAS, Lithuania


  • Act as the point of contact between Head of North Cluster and team members
  • Act as the point of contact between Medison North Cluster affiliates and the third-party vendors
  • Support the office affiliates administration
  • Organize the registration of the relevant internal and external documents into the internal platforms to ensure the financial and compliance requirements
  • Check invoices received from suppliers to be properly prepared and to comply with the products/services offered by suppliers
  • Upload and register the MER’s of the Cluster into Teams and SharePoint
  • Organize the travel & accommodation of employees from the Cluster for business trips and archives all necessary documentation as per the approved SOPs
  • IT support for purchasing the IT goods, preparing, and sending the goods, prepare the needed documents
  • Maintains monthly anoverview of employee days of work, holidays, and other absences
  • Support in organizing all (e.g. medical or commercial) events at national and/ or international level for the affiliates within the Cluster
  • Support the Compliance and Finance teams to prepare correctly and during partner's audits and on ad-hock related tasks
  • Ensure the Purchase Orders (PO) process including collection of the related invoices and digital archiving procedures
  • Helps with the implementation and training of Medison's workflows and relevant policies
  • Assist in the the implementation of the various internal and external events
  • Upload and archives all contracts and other relevant documentation into Teams and SharePoint
  • Provide support for the Cluster affiliates to compliantly report the sponsorships to the local authorities as per the local legislation
  • Provides general administrative and OHS support for the Cluster affiliates 


  • Fluency in English
  • University degree
  • Experience at least 3 years in an administrative role, preferably 1 year in pharma
  • Highly motivated, organized, committed, curious, with attention to detail, assertive, empathetic, results oriented, capable to adapt to change and capable to complete tasks that have been started
  • Strong communication skills, open and pro-active. Able to communicate effectively with multiple cultures, understands how to operate remotely across multiple countries
  • Project management skills and good financial understanding
  • Highly collaborative and a team player
  • Patient centric