Distribution Manager

Israel Medihome · Full-time

About The Position

Medison is a global pharma company on a mission to help patients around the world get faster access to lifesaving, innovative, breakthrough therapies.

MediHome - Medison's logistics, services, and solutions leader in healthcare is looking for a Distribution Team Leader to Manage the distribution process and manage the distribution drivers team.

Responsible for the transportation and distribution of products to the customer, and that it meets the regulations of the company and the Ministry of Health.

Analysis of the distribution lines, Providing data, and Monitoring the distribution expenses,

Providing solutions that support business activity in optimal distribution conditions

A thinking partner for optimizing distribution in the short and long term


  • Opening the logistic center daily
  • Managerial routines - holding team meetings, providing continuous feedback, joining distribution drives on the road for close monitoring
  • holding case studies in the field of distribution
  • During special cases - assisting the operations team, and ordering taxis with judgment.
  • Finding solutions and optimizing the entire distribution field - in terms of delivery times and expenses.
  • Managing real-time events while taking into account both the solution to the patient and relevant interfaces in order to execute the distribution - distribution drivers, subcontractors, and taxis.
  • Data analysis – production of reports that will form the database for decision-making in distribution lines, optimization, expenses, operation of subcontractors, and judgment regarding the types of vehicles.
  • Testing with customers the quality of the distribution
  • Vehicles - managerial responsibility for choosing the type of vehicle, the installation process, and the ongoing operation of all systems


  • High school education.
  • Experience and Ability to manage a team.
  • Available to work irregular hours.
  • Service-oriented, Assertive, and Pedant.
  • Patience, courtesy, and the ability to work independently